Most Cosmetic Dentists are finished with you once you have completed your veneers. Smile restoration is only one phase in the on-going process of oral health and overall well-being. Protect your investment in your new smile through regular visits to Dr. Jenny and team. Prevention and excellent oral hygiene will prolong the life of restorations.

Periodic Exams & X-rays – The frequency of each is determined by each patient’s unique situation and needs. Exams are required minimally every six months and x-rays are taken once a year unless needed sooner for diagnostics.

Cleanings – Proper oral hygiene maintains the health of natural teeth and gums and prolongs the life of restorations. Our Hygienists, will help you determine appropriate scheduling of cleanings based upon your lifestyle and needs.

Pain Relief – Pain in the mouth or pain radiating into the head, sinus cavities, ears, neck and shoulders can be due to any number of factors and should be addressed before symptoms become chronic. Some causes of dental pain include TMD disorder, the need for root canal treatment, and clenching or grinding.

Periodontal Therapy – Periodontal disease can occur at any stage in life and must be treated aggressively in order to slow or stop the loss of bone and teeth. You will work closely with our hygienist to ensure the best outcome of treatment.

Periodontal Maintenance – Replaces prophylaxis cleanings for perio patients and are designed to continually assess and address periodontal issues before they advance.

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